Monday, July 26, 2010

About Adsense!

In the exercise of walking blogs, sometimes I do not miss the view from the search for adsense on his blog that I visit but a few of the many blogs that I have not stopped adsense ads for this, I think at the heart of this blog why not take advantage of while all that is provided by the advertising is free and does not charge even a single cent? .. it was a loss for the blog if it has a number of visitor a fairly public, so is a great loss. The main question that plays in my mind is whether they have this information before? impossible for a blogger we forget to play with the ads, there is no objection to it. the possibility that my blog is still new call or newbie bloggers who do not know.

    To generate income from adsense you need to register your account here google adsense then click on sign up and start filling out the form as usual. make sure you fill in personal information is correct because if something important is likely to enter your payment will be difficulties later. the register in google adsense, you will receive a confirmation email, so check your email after registering, and after you confirm, you have to wait in a certain period to qualify for your account is opened.

    After a while you wait, click on this link to enter the login adsense account. for the first time you log in, Google will display a contractual agreement with you to hold your evil deeds and cheating adsense. in the box, this agreement you agree to the ban if you make errors. click yes to accept all the terms of this google and now you have received your own adsense account. then normally you should take the javascript code for placing ads on your blog. I advise that you always check your account every day with adsense login and see the report to the extent that you can be earning. remember my advice, do not click or time to do own click fraud, the act will be detected by the system quickly, within 24 hours it is not until you're in the tire. This entry may be continued ...


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