Sunday, July 25, 2010

Place the calendar in daily prayer times on your blog??


Post today, I will show you how to put a prayer on your blog to show the time when the visitor entrance of your blog so that they are not complacent as usual .. hehe .. you should:
Login dashboard=>Design=>Page elements=>add gadget=>HTML/javascript
making steps:
1. please visit this site
2. after you have entered the site, go to the bottom of the page and find words to give new service to your site. not click on the number one ok, click the second number is the common calendar. drop down menu and select your country, select malaysia..
4. after you choose the country click on the GO button.

5. select your country's capital. we usually take the kuala lumpur, so click on kuala lumpur.

6. do not read the other, press generate.
7. copy the code given and paste it right in the HTML / javascript that you've made the blog login above.

8. done already, your blog will have a prayer calendar now, so do not live prayers .. hehe ..


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