Saturday, August 8, 2009

mousetrap story


A husband and wife farmers returning home after shopping. When they open the Contents of goods, a mouse look behavior while mutter "hmmm ... what other food they brought from the market?"

Obviously that is purchased by farmers today mousetrap. mice began to desperate.

It quickly ran to the nest, and shouted, "There are mousetraps in the house .... the house now have mouse traps ...."

It also complained to the chicken and yelling, "There are rat traps!"
Chicken said, "You Rats, I was heartbroken, but they do not have to do with me."

Rats and go find a goat while yelling as above.
Goats were answered simply, "I am sorry to hear .. . But nothing I can do. After all, I do not have to do with me. "

Rats and found cow. They get the same answer. "Excuse me. Mousetrap, but I was not dangerous at all. not as much as I can in my mouse trap."

With frustration he even ran to the forest to meet Python. Snake said "you a small rat trap I'll be able to harm me."

Rats eventually returned home to find anything because it will face the danger alone.
One night, the homeowner woke up to hear the voice sounded tikusnya rattle trap bait I hit the mark. When viewing tikusnya traps, poisonous snake that turned out to be a victim. Fox snake trapped in a snake increasingly violent and attacked the wife of the owner of the house.

Although the men managed to kill the rattlesnake, his wife could not be saved.
The husband shall bring his wife home sick. A few days later his wife had to go home but still only a fever.

His wife and have claws chicken soup made by her husband in the belief that chicken soup scratches can reduce fever. Without long thought the men were immediately slaughtered chicken to be scratches was soup.

A few days later, pain does not subside visit. A friend suggested to eat the hearts of sheep. They then slaughtered sheep to take heart. but also does not heal, heal her and eventually died.

How many people come to flesh. Because the love of her husband on his wife while he dare not see people not treated to anything. Without thinking, he will sacrifice the long sapi to feed those who are visiting.

From far away ... gazing with great sadness Rats. A few days later he saw a rat trap that is not used anymore.

A DAY .... When you hear someone in distress and counting ... YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT Think again.


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