Saturday, July 31, 2010

Andartu Terlampau – 21 Hari Mencari Suami [2010] DVDRip

let's download and watch this funny story ..
The story tells about a girl named Nik late 20s Melati Sukma is depressed because of still not married. The various efforts made by both parents of Family and Nik Mat as to agree to marry up willing to 'mix and match "him with a candidate that they feel appropriate. But Nik or Nikki Melati Sukma already looking by nature itself.
Various funny events that overlap in their business travel Nikki looking for a husband after his mother Fatima has said the two candidates if no husband brought home within 21 days, then Nikki has no choice but to marry the man her choice and her father agreed to by Nik Mat.

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Format : MKV


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