Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Effects of excessive sleep ..?


Most of the people of india us no matter small or young, young or old to keep a sleep habits than what is required of the body. often we can see that this actually happens frequently during weekends and holidays from work or school. Do you know what you did, is a relatively large errors on your own, because according to a survey conducted by Timothy Roehrs, Sleep Problems Study Center Director of the Henry Ford Hospital said that a bit excessive sleep causes disruption in the body system us where it will interfere with the biological cycle in the human body and thus it will increase the fatigue of a sleep over, if someone had done this you need never feel tired and want to sleep again .. hurm .. this caused disruption to the production fund hormone cortisol's fitness to serve as a hormone. When you wake up from sleep every morning at 7 am, a routine is to stimulate the production of hormones cortisol at 3 am or 4 am and peaked at 11 am. When the routine is broken, for example with a slow rise pd weekend, hormone production is disrupted and the effect is fatigue. so if you still have the problem of 'difficult to come' Transform your attitude. apart from the tiring, it can also cause your brain slow and forget the existence of attitude yourself. positive attitude early wake up, wake up ..!


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