Friday, July 16, 2010

Egg energy boost??

Eggs are a nutritious food rich in protein, fat, vitamins A, B and D, minerals such as iron, sulfur and kalsuim and water. It is highly valued in traditional changes and is used to treat various diseases. Most significant about the use of eggs is to provide physical strength and increase mental energy. For the hard work, practice taking the yolk mixed with honey can revitalizes lifeless body, fatigue, and fatigue.
Eggs are also the antidote to overcome the numb-numb body or out of breath bones. Eggs are also used in the question of beauty. Egg yolk mixed with vegetable oil or night cream can be used as a mask for dry skin problems. Another method to overcome masalh dry skin is to use a mask made of orange juice and oil droplets from the orange peel.
Egg white can be mixed with the grated tomatoes and spread on the oily skin. It can reduce oil gland activity and act sebagain astrigen to tighten the skin from sagging.
To maintain the health of hair, wash with a shampoo that is mixed with egg yolk and a little vegetable oil. Hair will look lush, beautiful and shiny. Excessive intake but also resulted in little effect so we have to adjust the intake ok .. hope all is healthy, the people of india ..


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