Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hidden your computer


What will I write today is about the ways to hide yourself from the unknown to you after you take / use wireless without it, steal wireless .. .. to the graduates do not realize that if you use the wireless, they will can detect which computer is using their wireless based computer name because it will open the My Network Places on the XP OS or network if using win7. otherwise they can cause harm to you if wireless is used is unsecured, some people say "wow, free wireless, let's play" .. the possibility of a trap to you, that's why Windows will display a warning if you want to connect to wireless without security. So to hide themselves from the captivity, the steps you need to do is:

    click on the start on the left window, select Run and type cmd to launch command prompt. then type the word below in the command prompt

    net config server / hidden: yes

    after a successful, close the command prompt and you should decide when to do this wireless connection and reconnecting to the network. safe to try!


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